Secure Usernames & Passwords In A Heartbeat!

Simple, Yet Clever WP Plugin

WP Password Pal only does ONE thing, but what it does, it does very well! Incredibly simple, but so useful. Why didn’t someone think of this before..?

Secure Your Passwords & Usernames

Create unique & strong passwords and usernames in seconds. This helps reduce the chances of your website getting hacked. Getting hacked is not fun!

No Load….Ready To Work!

This lightweight plugin won’t cause any unnecessary load on your website that may slow functionality down. It sits in the background ready to step to into action when you need it.

Unlimited Domains

Your FREE download today comes with a full developer license! This means you can install this plugin on an UNLIMITED number of websites – both personal AND client domains.

No Troublesome Settings

Simply install the plugin and use it. Nothing to configure, no complicated instructions or settings to worry about. Super easy!

Dedicated 24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on our excellent Customer Support. Our dedicated team are ready and able to help you with anything you need.

Raving Fans LOVE This Plugin…

“My Site Hacked…No Way!!”

“As a newcomer to the online world I was warned about the need to use strong usernames and password on my sites.  The last thing I wanted was my site hacked…no way!!  WP Password Pal answered this problem. Secure usernames and passwords… just a couple of clicks.
Jonathan Paape – Founder (The Mad Keen Cyclist)

“Beat The Hackers”

“Security should always be at the heart of any WordPress installation. This great tool allow you a take a few steps forward to beat the hackers. Make sure you add it to your set of default plugins to install on every new WordPress site and benefit from the power of Password Pal.”
Tony Grant – Founder (One Correct Way)

“Install It On Your Websites Now..!”

Passwords have always been a nightmare for me and like many, I ended up using the same ones for everything. WP Password Pal solves this issue with a few simple clicks. What a fantastic plugin, install it on all your sites now..!”
Patrick Mauchant – PT Enviromate Technology

“I Love This Little Plugin

“I LOVE this little plugin called WP Password Pal. This is a great TIME-SAVER for me. I can quickly create secure and unique usernames and passwords for all my staff and members. Get This & Use This!”
Gaurab Borah – Internet Marketer

“Saves You Time And Effort”

“I am a big fan of any tool that saves you time and effort, and PasswordPal is exactly one of those. By using it you instantly increase the security of your WordPress logins and make the setting up of new accounts a breeze. This is one of those plugins you should have as a default on any WordPress installation. Great job guys!”
Carey Baird – Founder (Fresh Store Builder)

“Little Monster Handles It All”

Kudos to Anton for creating the WP Password Pal plugin. Creatiing secure & unique usernames or passwords for my sites just take a few clicks. I don’t have to rack my brains trying to come up with new usernames or passwords anymore. Life is easy now. This little monster handles is all. Thanks a bunch! “
Mosh Bari – Creator of Azon Video Vault



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