Anton Nadilo – Launch Manager

From humble beginnings Anton Nadilo has had meteoric success in the offline world as a bestselling author, speaker, mentor and coach in the areas of money management, real estate investment and personal development.

His foray into the IM world began in late 2011 when he decided to downscale his offline business interests to pursue a more balanced approach to life – driven by the focus of gaining back time to spend with friends, family and pursue his hobbies and interests.

In February 2012 he approached a relative stranger to him, Tony Grant. Why? He does not know. Fate, law of attraction, whatever the reason this has blossomed into a strong and vibrant business relationship and the phenomenal development of a successful online brand– Global Reach Webinars. Off the back of the inaugural webinar with Anthony Aires, Anton is launching his first WSO – Paypal PowerPlay with Tony Grant.

Since then Anton has become a sought after Launch Manager/JV Broker. He has managed some large launches such as John Racine’s – FBA Domination and the ubber successful launch of Amazon Treasure Hunter by Gaz Cooper.

To check his availablity to manage your next launch please contact the SUPPORT DESK.



 jon1 small  Jon Shawcross

Jon has spent over 18 years travelling the globe, initially as an Export Manager and later as Managing Director of his own manufacturing business. As the Internet grew, Jon discovered the global opportunities it presented and developed a complete online profile for his company.

When the economy collapsed in the UK in 2008, with the manufacturing sector hardest hit, Jon took the opportunity to move full time online, founding the company Onvizi (ONline VIZibility), a Digital Marketing company aimed at assisting others with their online presence.

Providing essentially SEO and mobile solutions, Onvizi has a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporate organisations, turning over billions per annum and has grown into a global company itself with offices in the UK, New Zealand and Indonesia.

SEO Enigma was Jon’s brainchild after conducting a survey of sole traders and small business owners, only to discover that many of them wanted to explore online marketing avenues, but didn’t have the cashflow to pay for outside services. Hence SEO Enigma was developed to teach this information and allow anyone to take advantage of the Internet.